Personal Statement: “Suicide Squad” Edition

A personal statement is an important application document that can supplement your CV with information, along with a description of your strengths, experience, and qualifications – all in the narrative form. In today’s post, check out some unique ideas on how the Suicide Squad members write their personal statement, and then later learn some tips on how to write your paper.


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What to Remember in Writing Your Personal Statement

Remind your readers about your knowledge, skills, and experiences. Use some information from your CV, but never rehash it into a narrative form – to make it your personal statement. Just expand some important activities you have written in the CV to help your readers understand the depth of your involvement in those activities like in nutrition personal statement.

Quick Reminders

  • Start writing early so that you will have plenty of time to rewrite and edit your paper.
  • Do not use jargons – but a simple, everyday language. You’re writing to be understood, not the other way around.
  • You should write a focused essay that can cover the most basic details about you.
  • Do not use repetitive sentence structure.
  • Do not try to sound controversial, cute or humorous.
  • You should also write in complete sentences, simple language and proper spelling and grammar. You may use a spelling checker for this purpose.
  • Focus on a central theme, not a general one.
  • You should not use acronyms or abbreviations; spell them out.
  • Write the reasons you are applying and things that made you think you deserve one of the slots offered by the school or institution.

Be aware of 10 mistakes people tend to do when writing personal statement and steer clear of them!

Harley Quinn

She is up to doing anything for the good and happiness of Joker, the Clown Prince. She loves him so much that she’s willing to help him achieve his goals. Harley is unpredictable and agile.

Strong sides:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Intelligence
  • Superhuman agility


He is the master criminal that looks literally like a clown. He was portrayed as a violent sociopath in the past – that murdered people to achieve happiness.

Strong sides:

  • Intelligence
  • Complete unpredictability

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