Top 10 mistakes that will ruin your personal statement

What are the mistakes to avoid in your personal statement? If you are in the middle of coming up with one, know about the mistakes that will ruin it in the following section and if you already made them fix them like we offer in dietitian personal statement.


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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Personal Statement

  1. Boring opening paragraph: Some personal statements ruin your chance to be accepted in a program because of a boring opening. The same goes if you are going to use humor that isn’t subtle and clever.
  2. Using verbose and unnatural language: Avoid highfaluting and flowery language. You won’t impress the reader who might also think it is your natural way of communicating.
  3. Poor grammar and spelling: Proofread and edit your paper to avoid ruining your personal statement. Check multiple times to see errors!
  4. Lack of structure: A personal statement must follow a structure, just as other academic papers should. Use a natural flow in the beginning, middle and ending.
  5. Re-listing information already given: This can show your lack of interest and that you have nothing much to say. To avoid this mistake, see to it that your paper has relevant academic abilities and interests as well as information about relevant work experience.
  6. Lack of passion for the subject: This can show that you are not genuinely interested in the subject. Write interesting facts and your contribution to the field.
  7. Copying the personal statement of someone else: Do not copy no matter how tempting it would be. Come up with a unique personal statement, which should be about you and not about someone else.
  8. Slang language: Avoid using slang language at all cost. It will not help you to get your points across, but it will just be a subject for misinterpretation and confusion.
  9. Too generic: Stand out from the crowd with a unique personal statement. Do not write just like other people. After all, your personal statement is your personal essay that must be all about you.
  10. Lack of planning: This will show that you are not 100% interested in the subject. What to do is to brainstorm and plan ahead to avoid rushing and coming up with a generic and poorly written personal statement.

Plan ahead and structure your paper well for the best results. Finally, seek help from the experts should you think that your writing ability isn’t sufficient for an impressive statement of purpose.

Avoid these 10 mistakes in your personal statement and make yours count!