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Business Statement of Purpose Editing: Everything You Wanted to Know

Every student knows how crucial it is present an impeccable paper, no matter whether it is the case of editing statement of purpose chemistry or editing business statement of purpose. Your chance of being admitted to your dream school and the course program of your choice would depend on the quality of personal statement that you can make. This explains why many are really taking the time and drafting their application letter and some would even hire professional editors to do the job.

There are just too many things at stake once you finally submit your business statement of purpose. You cannot afford to send a lousy letter especially when the competition is really tough.


Role of SoP in Application

When you are applying for an MBA, you have to submit different documents and one of them is the statement of purpose. Your school can provide an MBA statement of purpose sample or you may also want to access the internet for some of the application letters created. Contrary to what most people know, statement of purpose goes beyond just stating your interest in the school and in a particular academic program. This letter has a very big role and accessing your application and in your capacity as a graduate school student.

In your statement of purpose, you get the chance to define your career goals as well as your personal motivation. In this letter, you can share the selection committee your plans and what you want to accomplish once you have finished the degree. There are different components that comprise a statement of purpose.

First, you will have to introduce yourself by making a compelling statement or even a story about your personal experience which is related to the field of study. The next part of your letter is comprised of information that pertains to your academic background. This may include personal, work, and volunteer experiences. In your personal statement, you should also be able to express your interest in a school that you are applying for along with the course that you want to study. Basically, the goal of this letter is not just to express your interest. You want to be able to showcase your knowledge and skills and how you are as a person to the admission committee in such a way that they will choose you over the other applicants.

10 Questions You Have to Ask Yourself

Now that you are ready to draft your personal statement, the next step is to finally start writing. It is not just about why I want to study business essay type of letter. Do you want to make it to the academic program you are applying for? You need to be yourself and you need your letter to stand out among other applicants. So here are some questions that you would have to ask yourself to help you in the writing process:

  • What academic areas are you interested in?
  • What is your academic background?
  • Did you encounter any challenges while you are still an undergraduate student and how did you overcome them?
  • What are your short-term and long-term goals?
  • Is there a specific research topic that you have always wanted to tackle?
  • Why are you interested in applying for the institution and the MBA program?
  • What are your motivations? What are the things that drive you?
  • Once you finish your graduate course, what do you want to do?
  • Do you have current projects you are working on?
  • What are some of the achievements that you are most proud of?

What to Include

To have a top-notch business school application essay, it needs to have a perfect structure. The structure is very essential as it is a way of organizing your ideas to make sure that you’ll be able to communicate your thoughts and your ideas to the selection committee reading your statement of purpose. On top of the structure, there are also important details that you need to include. Schools usually provide criteria when it comes to drafting the statement of purpose. But if there are no criteria stated, you should make sure that yours have the essential components.

So what are the things that you need to cover in your statement of purpose?

  • For one, you need to include your personal information. You need to provide info about your personal and academic background. You have to show why you are inspired or why you are motivated to pursue the program in this particular educational institution.
  • The next thing that you have to include is your achievement as well as your experience. If you have previously volunteered into any project or an internship, it will always be helpful that you include them in your statement of purpose. In some cases, life experiences can also be included. However, you should be careful since you should only include details that you think will contribute to this field of study that you want to take.
  • After highlighting more about your personal and academic background, the next step is to include detailed information about your goals. These include short and long-term goals. The reason why you have to include them is to show to the panel as to how you will use your degree to achieve your goals not just as a student but as an individual.

How to Write Your Business Statement of Purpose

The thought alone of writing a statement of purpose can already be a dreadful feeling for many students. So we’ve come up with a step-by-step guide to help you write your own application essay:

Step 1
It always helps to create an outline. In your outline, you get the chance to brainstorm ideas and identify which specific details and information you want to include in your application letter. It also helps you when it comes to your personal writing style and how you want your letter to look like. In this stage of writing, you would have to consider good ideas as we should towards you the undergraduate thesis, projects, internship, presentations, and publications among many others.
Step 2
When you already have like rough ideas the next step is for you to be able to provide a complete description of valuable experiences that you think are related to your chosen field of study. Since the statement of purpose does not have to be too lengthy, you need to be able to choose only significant details and make sure that you provide concise and straightforward details.
Step 3
If there is anything that you want to specifically discuss, you can actually allow a certain section in your application essay. Instead of just saying that you want to study a particular academic area, you can actually describe your interests and even share research topics that you want to tackle and you want to work on once you are admitted to the course program.

Do`s and Don`ts: Editing Business Statement of Purpose

In writing and editing business statement of purpose, there are do`s and don`ts. Here are some tips about what you should and should not do once you start writing your statement of purpose.

Do`s in SoP

  • Before you even start writing anything, it helps that you have an outline. As with any other academic content that you have to do, having an outline of SoP LoR is very useful. With an outline, you can list down things and information you want to include in your writing.
  • Another thing that you should be careful about is to follow instructions. No matter how good your SoP for MBA in international business for possessing is, if you didn’t follow the instructions specified by the admission committee, there’s a big chance that your application might not be chosen. When you access the website of schools and universities, they provide detailed requirements and specific instruction on how you should draft your statement of purpose. Take the time to read them and make sure that you follow the number of words.
  • It is very essential that you do your own research not just about the school that you are applying for but also with the specific department and the profiles of the professor’s. Some may think that getting to know about the people working in the university is not very important. But if you want to catch the attention and interest of the selection committee, then you should be able to at least show them that your academic and research interests are similar to them.
  • When writing about your achievements or when you are sharing the different challenges and difficulties that you have faced in your career as a student, you should put everything in a positive perspective. This is not to downplay any problem if you have experienced. It is just one way of showing to your readers that you can work under pressure and that you are always ready to take on challenges. This will be a really good thing for you as they will see you as a student who does not back out and easily give up.
  • When you want to demonstrate something about your trade or your personality, you do not just describe it. It is very important that you demonstrate by setting a specific example. For instance, if you want the readers to see that you are a hard-working and a persistent person, you should include these specific experiences where your character shows.
  • Do not strive for perfection. It does not mean that your content should not be perfectly written. It should be free from errors. But you don`t want to show to the selection committee that you are perfect and that you do everything well. Your statement of purpose might just come as insincere.

Don`ts for SoP

  • Do not use very long sentences, words that are overly used, and the clichés. Remember that you want your application essay to stand out. And by doing this, you’ll find out how the readers read and appreciate the content of your letter.
  • Do not put a lot of information and details that you think are not necessary. Every school has its specific requirements and limits when it comes to a statement of purpose. You do not want to give so much information that is not even relevant to the academic program you are applying for.
  • A statement of purpose is one way for the selection committee to see how you are as a student so you should be able to ride one which needs to sound professional and free from any grammatical errors.
  • Make it simple. Do not even use any special form and do not to use any coloured paper.
  • When writing, never use slang words and even longer quotations.
  • One of the worst things that you should never do is to write in such a way that you feel overly confident. Being arrogant can just back for and you may even lose your chance of getting into the program. You can be confident about your skills and ability but do not overdo it.
  • Another common mistake most students do is trying to send a General application essay. Although you are applying for the friends Kohl’s, you should be able to customize an application like that in such a way that you were able to express your interest in that particular school at the program you want to get into.


How Editing Can Improve Your SoP

Your statement of purpose business school will only have the best version when it undergoes a series of editing. Good writing is tantamount to having good editing. Writers know that their very first draft is not the final draft. There are just so many things that can go wrong in your first draft and you need to be able to scan your work and to edit it to make sure that it is free from any error whether it is a minor or major one. It does not matter if a cover letter is drafted with really great ideas and impressive content. If it has too many errors in it, the reader would have a hard time appreciating it.

If there are even minor errors like spelling or punctuation mistakes, it could ruin the whole content. This is basically one of the reasons why it is very important that you edit your work. Everything can significantly improve your statement of purpose in all aspects including word usage, Correct punctuation, spelling, and even the overall structure of the content.

Guide for Editing Business Statement of Purpose

After writing your business statement of purpose, the next process is to edit your way. To help you with your editing:

  • First, slowly read your business school statement of purpose and scan for any mistakes including spelling and punctuation.
  • You can do it manually or you can also use online tools where you can just put the content. The tools will scan your document and detect any spelling or grammatical mistake. Although it is also good to use these tools to save time, it is still a good idea to edit it again manually.
  • When editing, you do not just look for minor mistakes. Put yourself in the position of your readers. How do you see your content? Is it easy to read? How about the structure?
  • Take the time to look at the structure of your application essay. You may have really good ideas and outstanding credentials but if the details are disorganized then it would be a waste.
  • Check if your statement of purpose follows the specific instructions provided by the admission committee. Does it follow the number of words?
  • You should also check your word usage. Do not repeat words and phrases too often.

Why You Should Get a Professional Editor

Many students attempt to save money in order to avoid costs. You may be a good writer but there are so many things that you cannot see when you start editing your work all by yourself. No matter how often you proofread your work, you will still need someone else to recheck what you have written. In this case, only a professional editor can help you. They know exactly how to do the editing to make sure that you achieve the objectives of your application essay. Since they have already handled a lot of editing work, you get to save time. You can avoid yourself being stressed trying to identify mistakes and errors in your work because they know exactly how to do things.

How We Can Help You

We are professional proofreading and editing service providers who have accomplished various projects. With our team of experienced and reliable editors, clients can only be guaranteed of the best work. Our editors work in the most professional and efficient manner. They can edit personal statement with the highest of quality even under tight deadlines. This saves you time and worries because you know that only a professional editor is editing your work. After the editing process, you get to have a perfectly written statement of purpose.


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