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Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

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You can certainly count on our competent, trained, and well-versed editing experts in every academic field. Relax since every prospective editor goes through a demanding test to get employed!

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Jess Wilson



In addition to editing skills, Jess is also competent in computer/information science, data management technology, website design, statistics, applied mathematics, and programming. Therefore she’s one of the best specialists. Of course, it’s not a full list of disciplines she deals with. It’s at least twice bigger than that!

Mark Connor



Medicine, occupational therapy, dentistry, hospital/facilities administration, veterinarian assisting are just several of all the disciplines Mark is skilled at. With his support, you can chill out without worrying about the quality since his editing skills are fantastic!

David Aldridge



David’s spheres of interest are countless. These are criminology, court reporting, anthropology, psychology, legal studies, political science, history, and clinical counseling. Aside from impressive editing pace, this expert is famous for his astonishing metaphors, immaculate transitions, and high rating among customers.

Kate Johns



Kate deals with personal essays in accounting, insurance & risk management, marketing management & research, human resources training/development, and so on. She’ll efficiently introduce your skills to everyone, especially the admission representatives in the college you dream of!

Lester Goldman



Chemical, architectural, mechanical & nuclear engineering + environmental health are Lester’s top disciplines. He simply cannot live without editing docs in these subjects. No one in our team can be compared to Lester concerning passion for their specialty. He will manage your personal statement just as his own chances of acceptance are on the line, for sure!

Megan Collins



Some of the subjects Megan is excellent at are ecology, astronomy, meteorology, genetics, atmospheric science, and earth & geological sciences. According to lots of feedback, cooperating with her is a godsend. She will precisely follow any guideline, remark, or instruction, highly focusing on them. Even the tiniest detail will be missed out by Megan.

Lisa Copperfield



Lisa, our honorable philosophy doctor, can create true academic papers! Nonetheless, she strongly believes that assisting people in earning degrees is a really crucial job. Coaching, technical/career/business education, educational administration, and instruction & curriculum are just a few of the fields Lisa can support you with!

Richard Brown



Richard is an expert in fields like nursing and medicine. Provide him with several significant explanations and get a competently edited health sciences document!

Rory Hamilton



Want assistance in digital communications/media, mass communications, advertising, or animation/multimedia/special effects? Rory is the greatest expert at these subjects! He is incredibly punctual when working, even to the tightest deadlines. Moreover, Rory can send personal essays hours earlier. Plus, he’s always ready to make any amendments to the document at lightning speed!

Jerom Daisy



Electronic/electrical engineering, industrial production, automotive engineering, mechanical drafting/CAD, and other technology subjects are handled with ease by our reputed editor Jerom. He is a tremendously enthusiastic, meticulous, and smart individual. Jerom’s teammates value him for his reliability. He never fails in his commitments!

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The truth is that coming up with the most appropriate personal statement is definitely a daunting and challenging endeavor. With this in mind, there are tons of things that you would have to account for and sometimes using a properly created sample could actually mean the difference between landing the spot or failing at it completely.

Is It Hard to Write a Personal Statement on Your Own?

Yes, writing your personal statement might be difficult especially for those who don`t have the luxury of time to write one or aren’t able to write an impressive personal statement. A personal statement is the summarization of the purpose of applying for that specific course. A personal statement gives an idea to the admission team a glimpse of who you are asides your credentials. A good personal statement sets you apart from others, you can be an example of good personal statements. It will increase your chance of getting accepted in your various institutions. If you want to write your personal statement college application you will need a good sample of personal statement which you can have here.
example of a good personal statement editing service

An Example of a Good Personal Statement Could Be a Strong Incentive

The first thing that you need to understand about personal statements is that they are strongly individual. So, if you are looking for something to rewrite then you are already on the wrong track. You can use the sample as a guideline or an outline for the things that have to be considered but apart from that, there isn`t much that you can use. Of course, you can also consider structural details as well as some writing ideas but you should come up with your own content – this is absolutely paramount.

The Sample of a Personal Statement Must Get High Scores

personal statement college application example

The most important thing that you would have to account for is whether or not the personal statement college application example you are looking at is actually successful or not. This is absolutely detrimental. However, you can draw positives from both options. With this in mind, you can draw all the right conclusions if you see an example personal statement which is wrong because then you would be aware of what not to do. This is a powerful technique which could provide you with clear guidance and a lot of information to draw on. You would be given the opportunity to peek inside the assessing committee`s process and determine the things they hold to the highest standards.

sample of a personal statement personal statement college application example

Practical Tips to Make Your Personal Statement Shine

With your personal statement, you let the committee reading your application to know more about you not just as a student, as well as a person. This explains why many are willing to spend just to get the best professional personal statement editing and proofreading services.Considering that there are just too many applications that selection committees have to review, how do you make sure that you stand out?

So what makes a good personal statement? Here are some tips to follow:

  • Follow the requirements and directions provided to you. One of the worst things you wouldn`t want to happen is to get a negative reaction for not following instructions.
  • Once you start writing your personal statement, it is very important that you stay true to yourself. You don`t want to be just any other ordinary student. You want to stand out. Every person has his or her unique characteristics and traits. Do not be afraid to show that side of yourself.
  • One of the most common mistakes that students make is that they tend to make themselves to perfect in their application essay. Although there is nothing wrong in highlighting your strength, it is also not a good thing. You need to be able to show sincerity to your readers.
  • When writing the personal statement, it should be organized and structured in such a way that it states your purpose of the application, along with your personal thoughts and ideas as to how you will utilize the knowledge and skills that you will be getting from the program.
  • After writing your personal statement, take the time to proofread your work and make sure that it does not have any minor error.

Make Your Writing Valuable

sample of a personal statementThe most crucial thing that you need to consider is to make your writing valuable. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the content you provide to those who would examine your statement is worth reading. Make sure that you add only relevant and important information in order to compel and engage the audience. After all, the last thing you want is for the assessing committees to get bored with your writing after the first paragraph and discontinue or read through with an unbiased opinion.

In any case, coming up with a proper personal statement is certainly a challenging endeavor. You would also have to account for the readability which is a huge portion of the overall success or potential failure of your undertaking. Divide the text into clear and concise paragraphs but make sure that it doesn`t appear fragmented. As you can see, there are plenty of things that you would have to weigh in. To be completely sure that your personal statement will be successful, you may use the help of a professional personal statement editing service.

First Rate Personal Statement Editors at Your Service

example of a good personal statement

If you are in need of professional personal statement editing services, you can rely on us. Here, we offer you quality and topnotch editing services unlike no other. We guarantee that the personal statement that we are going to send you is well-reviewed in such a way that it will stand out among the others.

Our expert services are as follows:

  • High-quality editing: we edit your personal statement so that it meets your expectations and high standard expected by your university or college.
  • Compelling content: we make sure that your personal statements are compelling and successful which is essential to get the attention of your university or college.
  • Flawless: we have a highly skilled and professional proofreading and editing team that make sure all texts are without errors.
  • On-time delivery: your personal statement is never delivered late, we respect your last minute deadlines. If you can trust us, have no fear, we always deliver on time.
  • Follow your request: our skilled editors always follow the guidelines and instructions to polish your personal statement.
  • Available 24/7: our team are always available to help you 24/7 by making it convenient for our special customers who need last-minute editing service assistance.

winning personal statement college application example

Want to know more about our services? Please feel free to send us a message and get all the following guarantees:

  • Confidentiality: We make sure your privacy is secured. Authorized employees use only the information collected by each client. The customer’s records are considered confidential and cannot be disclosed to third parties unless required by the relevant authorities.
  • Copyright: The material we deliver to you remains our property and is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under local and international law. The document is for your personal use only and may not be duplicated, distributed, or otherwise used for any other purpose without our prior written permission.
  • On-time delivery: It all depends on the time you want us to deliver your work if you want an assignment to be done in weeks, it will be delivered by then. If you need it within 24 hours it will be delivered within that time frame. We have editors that are better in polishing long and complicated work, also we have experts in delivering within a short period of time without compromising the quality of the work.
  • Authenticity: The document delivered to you is fully revised according to the requirement given. We also ensure that it is plagiarism-free and 100% authentic.
  • Secure payment: we ensure safe payment and secure.
  • Money-back guarantees: we guarantee your money will be refunded back to you if you are not satisfied with our services.

Our qualified and professional editors deliver an excellent and impressive personal statement college application. You can check our example of a good personal statement for you to have the background knowledge of how a good sample of a personal statement looks like. We will make your content authentic and high-quality that would increase your chances of getting accepted into your institution. Let`s help you get your personal statement as our is team confident you will be pretty satisfied with the service provided by us.

Impressed by our example of a good personal statement? Want to get your own spectacular document? Wait no more and contact us right away!