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Do I really need to worry about my personal statement if I have good grades?

Most programs will not just judge your suitability based on the grades that you have achieved. After all, some people have good or bad days when they take their exams. Grades also do not tell the whole story about someone. The panel will want to know what motivates you, what vision you have for the future and a host of other information to judge just how well you might fit into their program. So a well-written, unique personal statement is vital to your application.

How long should my personal statement be? Does it matter if it is too long?

All programs specify the length of the personal statement and this could be 500 words, 300 words or even 2 pages depending on the specific requirements of the program. So always carefully check their requirements before writing. Never exceed their requirements as it shows that either you are unable or unwilling to follow instructions.

Do you check personal statement plagiarism?

A personal statement plagiarism check is a standard part of our process to ensure that your statement does not contain any copying; intended or otherwise. Submitting a statement that is copied is going to ensure that you will not get a place which is why a personal statement plagiarism check is so important.

Can`t I just use my computer or do my editing for myself?

You could but you need to be aware of the limitations of both methods:

  • Editing your own work is inefficient as you can often miss some errors and not see potential improvements as to how you could write.
  • The software may be able to catch some spelling and grammatical errors but at times it will miss errors or make suggestions that are incorrect. The software also cannot make well-judged suggestions as to how your writing can be improved.

Are your editors qualified to provide the help that I need?

We know that the quality of our editing services are only going to be as good as the staff that we employ. This is why we always hire the most competent editors that are:

  • Fully certified personal statement checker
  • Higher degree qualified in a related field to your application
  • Highly knowledgeable as to the application requirements
  • Proficient English language speakers

Are your personal statement review services expensive?

We offer very reasonably priced editing, proofreading or check personal statement plagiarism if you need and our pricing is clearly stated without any hidden extras. Besides, we offer amazing discounts for our first-time buyers on all orders.

What guarantees do you offer when you check my personal statement?

We are a professional personal statement editing service and provide every client with all of the following guarantees:

  • Full refund guarantee in case you’re not happy with the final outcome
  • Super strict confidentiality
  • Guaranteed unique work: personal statement plagiarism check is done on all statements
  • Error-free documents: we proofread everything very carefully

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