Law School Personal Statement Length Requirements

Editing a Personal Statement for Law School in the Best Way!

Getting into law school is a dream for many students, they study hard to receive a high GPA, do extremely well on the LSAT exams but then all that hard work is let down by providing a run of the mill scholarship personal statement for their Berkeley law application which gets knocked back by the review board.

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The whole aim here is to produce superior writing that defines you as a person and makes the information memorable, enticing the review board members to want to meet you and set up that chance through an interview. But by failing to adhere to the prescribed law school personal statement length or any other qualities which have been expressed such as answering a specific question, the chances are that while it may be read, it will be discarded because of your lack of professionalism in following a prescribed course of action.

Writing a personal statement for law school that will get you noticed entails walking a fine line between listing your skills and accomplishments and focusing on the kind of person you are. You will be expected to show what defines you, to prove your suitability for Harvard law admission and how you will excel in their program.

This is not such a simple task and that’s why so many students get professional law school personal statement help from services such as ours. We can provide you with a professional proofreader and law school personal statement editor who understands exactly what the right law school personal statement length should be as well as guide you on essential information that will need to be developed and included in your perfect sample law school personal statement.

High-Grade Law School Personal Statement Editing Help

There are many processes involved in producing a personal statement that will amaze an admissions review board and probably the most important of these is making sure it has been edited properly. Not to be confused with proofreading which looks to highlight and fix spelling mistakes, but rather check the structure of your writing and the layout. Make sure it conforms to what has been asked for with the format and reads smoothly with no difficult wording. Our law school personal statement editing service can supply you with an editor who will highlight problems areas so that together, they can be fixed to leave you with a document which will get the best results.

Let Our Sample Law School Personal Statement Guide You

Understanding the various different elements of a personal statement can often be too much for many people to comprehend. Like most academic writing, there are a series of guiding principles that must be implemented when producing work at this level and an admissions review board will want to know that you are mature enough to cope with this as it will be expected throughout all your future assignments with them.

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To help you with this, our experts have produced the following guide that draws attention to what is expected from your law school personal statement:

  • Firstly, keep a mental note of the word limit that has been set and does not exceed this. While it is possible to review and edit down, it is a difficult process and one you will want to avoid. Word limits are set by admissions boards to see how well you can cope with them and present descriptive writing that shows a keen mind. On occasions where a word limit has not been set and you have free reign, remember that review board members will be reading many statements on a daily basis and the last thing they want is a long boring story that just goes on and on. Keep it short and explosive to get them excited instead.
  • Do your homework on the law program you are applying to and target your personal statement to it. Yes this will mean having to change it for every college you apply to but showing a review board why you want to study at their place shows a level of commitment on your part. Expressing a desire to learn from a particular faculty member is also a good idea, who knows – they may be the one reading your personal statement.
  • Keep in mind that your aim is to gain a place at the law school. By this, we mean showing why law holds such an appeal to you, what inspired you to want to take it up? Just like other speciality programs, you need to show that it has a genuine appeal to you and not just a way of getting a high salary.
  • Once you have finished writing a draft, edit and proofread thoroughly to remove all errors. Check some personal statement law school samples for any specific format instructions, typically double line spacing is almost always asked for but make sure you understand what is required.

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Our Law School Personal Statement Length Editor Can Help!

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