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With a refined personal statement, you can confidently apply. We’ll help you raise your chances for successful acceptance!

More than correcting spelling errors

Our editors enhance grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, to take your personal statement to a higher level, they additionally provide their feedback and guarantee:

  • Distinct sentence structure.
  • Laconic and clear wording.
  • Uniform tone and style.
  • Proper punctuation & grammar.
  • No run-on sentences or sections.
  • Enhancement of overall readability.
  • Accurate formatting.
the structure

Don’t allow any mistake to spoil the whole application process. Have your document enhanced before you submit it! Pick an editing service to make certain your personal statement tells a comprehensive & persuasive story. Your editor will provide feedback & make correction on the following:

  • Missing argumentation or details.
  • Interparagraph transitions.
  • Focus and size of every section.
  • Duplicated information.
  • Poorly displayed suitability for college study.
  • Insufficient information about your background.
Quality is what we aim for!

Neglection of quality is the simplest way to fail admission.

Authentic, remarkable & customized docs

Benefit from an entirely original doc written according to your specific information. Get a text that is one-of-a-kind and able to strike the admission representatives from the first paragraph and keep them impressed till the end of the day!

One-on-one contact with the editor

Bear in mind that a confidential chat with your expert is accessible at any time. Keep in contact with your editor to give specific clarifications, track the order progress, and so forth.

Tailored to the application rules

Receive a text that is composed according to every admission instruction. You can be certain that we’ll assure complete conformity with the selection board’s requirements concerning crucial components like content & format.

2 weeks of chargeless corrections

Need your text to be amended? Have gotten the final doc from your editor and wish to remove some inaccuracies? In this case, you can get it done for free within 2 weeks after the deadline!

Targeted on a particular program

Each text is carefully reviewed by our scrupulous editors for it to comply with the program’s standards. Besides, your specialty will also be targeted, and most of your relevant features will be highlighted!

Payment-back option

Get your money back for 14 days once the deadline expires. No more issues resulting from services that want to deceive you! With our team, you can finally do away with the fear of being scammed.

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When I got my essay, I found out that a section about the reasons why the chosen area fits me had improper word amount. Fortunately, I noticed it, explained to the writer what to add, and in several hours he edited my text, so it was fixed :D

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Letter of Recommendation Editing

You should pay much attention to composing and editing a letter of recommendation to get the desired place. When entering college or searching for a job that will suit you properly, you have to prepare a letter of recommendation. This kind of paper is quite essential in employment and university entrance and should depict you as a worthy and decent candidate.

What is a letter of recommendation?

An LoR is an admission paper written by a previous employer, tutor, or friend who recommends a person for a particular position or specialty. The writer assesses professionalism, achievements, talents, and skills that look beneficial to the introduction of the individual to the chosen area. This document has to be an editable letter of recommendation without discrepancies, mistakes, and untruthful facts and point out the person`s strong sides.

How to edit your recommendation letter in a proper manner?

It`s vital to present a quality and relevant letter of recommendation because, in most cases, it becomes a decision-maker when it comes to getting the desired position or place at university. Therefore, you should meticulously think of who to entrust crafting a professional-looking letter of recommendation with. This person at first has to know how to compose this letter properly and understand your personality, strengths, and weaknesses as well.

It can be a hard choice because everyone has their vision of how to present a candidate, and also everyone possesses their own subjective opinion about you. Then, a reasonable question occurs, `Can I edit a recommendation letter by myself, or is it better to ask a professional to do it thoroughly?` Sure, the right and the most optimal variant is to consult a letter of recommendation service and order an unbiased and correctly written recommendation that will guarantee you`ll get what you aim at.

A proficient writer will analyze your case and find out your advantageous qualifications, knowledge, experience, and accomplishments that will highlight your personality in the best light. An adroit author will act as a real psychologist to reflect your nature and professional background to make a recommendation letter be like a picture of you.

What should you avoid when editing a letter of recommendation?

A basic mistake is editing a letter of recommendation by a person who you aren`t well-acquainted with. Choose the person who you know well and are in a nice relationship with. It`s a core decision that will considerably impact your candidacy.

When it comes to crafting or editing a letter of recommendation for coworker, avoid using words like `think,` ‘suppose,` or ‘believe` as they show only your opinion about the person`s chances to become a fitting candidate for a particular position. Provide facts and make use of convincing words.

Even if you write a letter of recommendation for a friend, stay neutral in expressing your opinion about your pal`s personality. Avoid word combinations, such as ‘quick learner,’ ‘deliberate worker,’ ‘creative/passionate/enthusiastic person,` etc. They are perceived as meaningless and aren`t taken into consideration.

Next, you shouldn`t incorporate your credentials in a college recommendation letter instead of describing the student`s attainments, fields of interest, and interpersonal skills. At least, it looks strange when an honorable tutor mentions their professional background in the student`s LoR, trying to make self-promotion.

This information will help you to create a persuasive LoR that will make you stand out and catch the employer`s or admission representatives` attention.

What are the most popular types of recommendation letter people ask us to edit?

Recommendation letters are used for various purposes, and the major types are academic, employment, and personal. Let`s overview each of them:

  • Academic letters of recommendation are prepared by students together with application forms during the academic admission process at institutions. If an applicant plans to send their documents to several universities, it`s required to provide an LoR for each of them. There is a letter of recommendation for graduate school and a scholarship recommendation letter, both of which should demonstrate the applicant`s acquirements, academic activities, level of professionality, overall rating, etc. Compared with an LoR for grad school, a scholarship recommendation should be more detailed and concentrated on the student`s academic researches, defense of papers, science-related plans, and so on.

    Another group is related to medicine, and the most common letters among US students are a general medical school letter of recommendation and an AAMC letter of recommendation. Only the most successful and profound candidates enter the prestigious medical educational establishments they dream of.

  • An employment or job recommendation letter is necessary when you`re searching for a new job. It can be created as a career change letter or a resume about your previous work experience, career development, and personal and communicational skills. This very paper has to encourage the employer to invite you to an interview and then to chose you as the best candidate.
  • A personal or character recommendation letter is more informal and used when solving legal issues, seeking membership of the organization, adopting a child, or applying for a teacher or nanny position. Generally, it`s required when your traits are the key point in making the final decision. You should describe your characteristics along with interpersonal skills and prove them by providing examples from your life.

What makes our letter of recommendation service the best one among other editing services?

If you want to make sure your letter of recommendation is structured correctly with no grave mistakes and is winning and eye-catching, then you`re in the right place! Our letter of recommendation service specializes in all kinds of recommendation and referral letters and provides impeccable and informative papers.

We guarantee that you`ll at least have the edge over other candidates. As the service is delivered by true experts in writing, be sure you`ll get a first-class LoR, no matter whether it`ll be a short recommendation letter or a detailed ERAS letter of recommendation.

Why is writing a recommendation letter so important for your admission?

Before you start writing a letter of recommendation, it`s crucial to understand who and what it`s prepared for. The person who has entrusted you with this important task believes you can do it better than others. So, realize all the responsibility and do your best to write it properly.

A recommendation letter is of vital importance to the application process, whether you are in search of a job or education. Hence, this document should be prepared assiduously and thoughtfully. All pieces of information in it have to be interconnected and pertinent to the desired academic area or vacancy. Whether you need a law school letter of recommendation, an engineering LoR, or any other one, it has to be composed according to the university`s or employer`s requirements and cover the applicant`s relevant abilities and experience.

Why we`re worth hiring

We have a strong team of academic experts. They have a deep understanding of writing and editing a letter of recommendation for students of all the existing fields and job-seekers in various industries. We fulfill orders by adhering to all the deadlines and complying with the instructions, so you can be sure that the entire structure and formatting style of your recommendation letter will be correct. We try to prepare an effective and apposite description that will emphasize your strong suits, applicable experience, and useful personality traits.